FVSD BEd. Bursary

FVSD BEd. Bursary - OPEN until January 30, 2022

The Fort Vermilion School Division has created a Bursary Program to assist individuals living within the FVSD boundaries attain their Bachelor of Education. This program is for individuals entering into a 4-Year BEd or a 2-Year After-Degree BEd program at an accredited Alberta University

  • FVSD pays tuition only - the student is responsible for any other fees, textbook costs, etc.
  • BEd program - completed as a full-time student over 4 years
  • After Degree BEd program - completed as a full-time student over 2 years
  • Successful applicants must sign a Return Service Agreement with the Fort Vermilion School Division (minimum 2 years)

In order to qualify for this Bursary, interested applicants must:

  1. be graduating from the Fort Vermilion School Division or
    • be currently working for the Fort Vermilion School Division (minimum of 2 years) or
    • be living in the Fort Vermilion School Division area (minimum of 3 years)
  2. apply to the Fort Vermilion School Division BEd Bursary by completing:
  • the bursary application (located here)
  • submitting 750-1000 word essay on their experiences working with children, how it has impacted them personally and why they would make an excellent FVSD teacher. (submit to scotl@fvsd.ab.ca)
  • current year FVSD Graduate or FVSD Employee that works specifically with children must submit a recommendation letter from their Administrator.
  • undergo a pre-screening interview (offered based on review of application and essay.)

     3.  successfully apply, get admitted and enter in a 4-Year BEd program or 2-Year After-Degree BEd program at an                 accredited Alberta university


The FVSD will:

  • Upon approval of the Student’s Bursary application, and upon receipt of confirmation of the Student’s registration into the course of studies, the FVSD will pay the sum of the total cost of tuition only as an award for the Student to continue in the course of studies.
  • Upon graduation, guarantee an interview for the purpose of entering this information into the FVSD HR Pool for Principals to access when hiring staff.

Applications must be submitted online to:

Scot Leys

Assistant Superintendent

Fort Vermilion School Division

Bag 1 - 5213 River Road

Fort Vermilion, AB

T0H 1N0


UofC - Werklund School of Education


4-Year BEd Community-Based Pathway/2-Year BEd After-Degree Community-Based Pathway

Program Description

Drawing on the Werklund School of Education’s strong foundation of innovation, and on the strengths of an excellent undergraduate program, the four-year Community-Based Bachelor of Education and the two-year Community-Based After-Degree Bachelor of Education addresses issues of access and equity by providing an additional pathway for students to obtain their Education degree. This program is unique to Alberta and the Northwest Territories and allows students in rural and remote areas to remain in their communities for the majority of their studies while receiving excellent instruction and advisory support from the University of Calgary.

While students are able to remain in, or near, their rural and remote community for the majority of the program, they do take courses on campus each Summer, providing them with the opportunity to work with their cohort in a face-to-face environment. Students also attend an Orientation in their first year and are afterwards invited to various program sessions, allowing them to connect with the Werklund School of Education.

The Community-Based program was developed to attract students interested in pursuing a BEd, but unable to commit to a residency-based program. It allows students to gain teaching experience in their local communities through their Field Placements. The program thus hopes to mitigate the high turnover rate of teachers in rural and remote areas.

Who This Program is ForThis degree provides greater flexibility for students moving out of the workforce, and into post-secondary studies. Students are able to take the majority of their courses online and complete their Field Experiences in or near their home communities. As the Bachelor of Education is a professional degree, students are encouraged to devote themselves to their studies on a full-time basis.

More information can be found at:

4-Year BEd Community-Based Pathway


2-Year After-Degree BEd Community-Based Pathway