Fort Vermilion School Division Priority

1.6.3 Fort Vermilion School Division will foster connectivity and well-being amongst the community, students, parents and staff.


  1. To support the formation of strong relationships.
  2. Align with division connectivity priority.
  3. Ensure all students, parents, and staff feel connected.


  1. Annual Division Wide Wellness Day
    1. A designated full day for staff to learn, share, and enjoy wellness
  2. Brene Brown training
    1. Mike McMann has facilitated Dare to Lead training for the administration team, connection team, and several staff members.
  3. Jody Carrington
    1. The Carrington Connection Network continues to provide support for our school division in building and implementing a common (province wide) Crisis Response Plan as well as the Jody Carrington PD provided through 10 virtual modules to available to all staff.
  4. Village approach
    1. Connection team has helped all schools assume a wholistic village approach to supporting children and youth within their schools. To continue with this momentum, each school will be required to complete a minimum of four village meetings per school year.
  5. Mental Health Supports
    1. All FVSD staff have access to their choice of one of the two registered phycologists. Willard Fewer and Natasha Egeli have been providing therapeutic interventions to several staff members. During COVID the two developed a coping support group that met virtually every Thursday morning.  The group was well attended.
    2. Three mental health therapists provide therapeutic interventions for our students who require one-on-one support.

iii. We recognize the need for therapeutic services throughout our school division, as such, our SWCs provide universal (whole class) and targeted (small group) programming in all schools.