Connection Team


Natalie Morris

Supervisor of Connectivity


With a fear of sounding too cliché, this is my dream job!  I have worked with young children, youth and their families for many years and find myself drawn to, and advocating for the ones who pull on our heart strings. I have come to learn that the defining component of my leadership philosophy, and what I would have referred to as my moral and ethical responsibility in the past, is in fact our obligation to connect with the babes we teach.  I have watched many professionals shy away from the hurt our students bring to school with them each day and I am excited to be part of the systematic change in supporting FVSD employees to do better.  Brené Brown shares the following quote in Dare to Lead as being one of the greatest gifts; “…don’t pretend not to see hurt.  Look people in the eye even when their pain is overwhelming.”  

Although I may be pretty high up on the naïveté meter, I know my life experiences have created the person I am today.  As Martin Brokenleg stated so eloquently; “you are who you are out of your own woundedness”.  I can proudly say that I am in a place in my life now where I no longer am ashamed, or hide my story, but wear it as a badge of honor.

Role Description:

  • Connectivity Priority
  • Data Analysis
  • Teacher Induction
  • Professional Learning
  • First Nation, Metis and Inuit Services
    • Success/Engagement Coaches
  • Connectivity Team
    • Student Mental Health Therapists
    • Student Wellness Coaches
  • Staff Wellness
    • Two Registered Psychologists
      • Willard Fewer
      • Natasha Egeli
    • Mental Health Capacity Building Project; Core and Expansion
    • Community Helpers Program
      • Community Helpers Program Coordinator
    • Divisional Specialized Programs
      • Rocky Acres
      • Ridgeview Rides
      • Art
      • BLAST

Mental Health Therapist

The FVSD has four Mental Health Therapists providing one-on-one support to children and youth who require tier three interventions.

Student Wellness Coordinator

Student Wellness Coaches

The FVSD Student Wellness Coaches providing tier one and two support to the whole class and small groups of children and youth.

Success Engagement Coaches:

The FVSD has three Success/Engagement Coaches working in the Communities of High Level, Rocky Lane and Fort Vermilion, with key responsibilities being;

  • To facilitate and strengthen school engagement for identified students/families.
  • To assist students/families with the identification of barriers to success (attendance), provide support and advocacy for those students as they pursue their studies, and explore options for further education and/or career exploration.
  • To support students to develop a sense of identity and assist schools in promoting cultural awareness.
  • Assist as a Community Liaison between the Fort Vermilion School Division and partner First Nation communities.

Amber Paul

FNMI Principal  

Kailynn Grand

Kayla Laboucane

Community Helpers Program

The Community Helpers Program is funded by Alberta Health Services.  The objective of this project is to enhance mental health among youth and young people by increasing community capacity to respond to mental health issues, especially risk of suicide.  This is accomplished by presentations on mental health topics. The focus is primarily on presenting in all grade nine health classrooms across the school division as well as additional classrooms upon request.