Fort Vermilion School Division Priority

1.6.3 All students will improve numeracy skills



  1. To guide instruction
  2. Align with division numeracy priority
  3. Improve student performance in math competencies, practical math knowledge, and mental math skills


Guiding Principles

  1. Students make sense of the world in regard to math use in their lives.
  2. Students identify what they know, how to apply this knowledge to tasks, and what new knowledge and skills they need to learn.
  3.  Students will use knowledge to explain patterns and phenomena found in our world.
  4. Students learn in different ways and rates. 


Numeracy Action Plan

1. Division-wide understanding of numeracy will be developed and communicated to all stakeholders



Inform principals of the direction and vision of numeracy in the school division


Inform teachers


Inform students


Inform parents


Inform external stakeholders


All schools will develop and communicate a numeracy action plan

Numeracy Supervisor works with the numeracy committee to develop a vision for numeracy


Newsletters, emails, website


Classroom visits, website


Newsletters, website


Local newspaper




2. Research and data will be used to inform direction and instructional practice



Accountability Pillar Survey

PAT and Dip data

Leaps and Bounds Diagnostic assessment

Research share site

Support processes in analyzing data

Early number counting and sense research

Review data at LTM


Review data at LTM


Train admin and teachers


Google Classroom with links to current research


3. Build capacity in our schools

Strategies Actions

Math cohorts, Numeracy Committee

Support and provide professional development


Identify experts and lead teachers

Numeracy Supervisor will contact principals for a teacher to recommend to join the math cohort
Send out PD opportunities in Alberta to teachers
Develop criteria for presenters, facilitators, and coaches


Create a list of teachers with expertise found in the school division


4. Best practices will be shared with math teachers

Strategies Actions

Math consultant and/or presenters work with teachers on best practice

Math cohorts



Google Classroom

Numeracy supervisor will help schedule times with schools for opportunities for this support
Each school will have one or more teachers attend cohort meetings to discuss math practice and update progress in the school on the numeracy priority


Share best practice and resources for math on Google Classroom